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Property ID: I565
Property For: Sale
Property Type: Land
Area: 7 Acre

 Hacked By Haxor Butt

                    Pak Hunters

Admin your security is High but not enough for us
This is pay back of what you are doing is Kashmir
We are Pakistani Hackers we are sleeping not die don't dry to disturb us Together We will do every Thing....

Message To Goverment Of India:-

Dear Goverment of India Stop Killing innocent Peoples in Kashmir Take your army back this is my last warning to u

                                                                                                 Pakistan Zindabad

Offical Team Members of Pak Hunters :-

Hunter Bajwa || Haxor Butt || Xyber Mind || B3N4M C0MM4ND0 || TouSeeF JasKaNi | | King Hamza | | Rj_d3 || Abdul Wahab |

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